One of the biggest Producers of IQF Frozen Fruits & Vegetables in Egypt

Here at ALFAFROST , we believe that having staff that is well trained and knowledgeable in their roles makes a business far better in many different ways. This is because better training means better processes. Tasks can be performed far quicker if employees know what they're doing, and the quality of work will also improve. Training helps to make people more confident in their role, which directly improves determination. Staff safety is our number one priority. Many work accidents happen because staff does not know how to properly use a piece of equipment, so it's essential they do. At ALFAFROST , we believe that everyone who works here is responsible for quality control one way or the other; hence, experienced and knowledgeable staff is mandatory.


Being a leading firm in the production of frozen fruits ad vegetables as well as brine vegetables is a strong challenge that comes with a lot of responsibilities. As a result, AlfaFrost is determined to adhere to strict environmental and pesticides policies. In addition to these policies, there is a set of values that everyone working with or at ALFAFROST follows by heart. Regarding our environmental policies, protecting and caring for the environment is a strong belief for ALFAFROST. ALFAFROST has many objectives; one of them is reaching zero-emission. Other objectives are to reduce pollutants, energy use, and waste by recycling most of our materials as best as we can.

ALFAFROST also cares for the water usage at the firm. In addition, ALFAFROST aims to also advise its employees to care more for the environment by consuming fewer papers and electricity-consuming electrical machines in the offices.
ALFAFROST also has a noise reduction system in order to ensure the best working environment for everyone.

Concerning the pesticide policy, ALFAFROST 's productions comply with EU & FDA legislation. In our production, it is vital that any chemicals used are below the MRLs (maximum residue levels) allowed in the country of sale. Our agronomists watch out for and inspect the crops and direct the farmers on the type and dosage of pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides that they are allowed to use. Field records are saved for all crops. These records are cleared before the raw materials are taken into the factory. As for MRL and heavy metal screening checks, all our products are tested, on a regular basis, by independent accredited laboratories to ensure that MRL's or heavy metal levels do not exceed the legal tolerances.

As for our organizational values, we have opted for a set of values concerning our people and our business that everyone who works with or at AlfaFrost abide by. They are as follows:
Our customers: they are the reason for our success and exceeding their expectations is our number one goal.
Our employees: we are a family. Caring and respecting one another create the best working environment for everybody.
Our business: we are determined to be the best in our field and won't settle for less.
Our product: our persistent total quality management system ensures that we provide the best products to our customers.
Time: we are prompt and punctual and strictly stick to our delivery dates, with no excuses whatsoever.
The environment: we are very cautious when it comes to the environment.
The whole society: we are ecological.


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